Saturday, December 3, 2011


 The First Documentary About Anime Fandom.
"Comprehensive and Compelling"

Retail price: 19.99$
My purchase :1.00$
DVD release date: March 7th 2006
Program run time: 70 minutes
Language watched in: English
Subtitles: none

Although this isn't an anime, it is anime based it also has a reversible cover. You actually get to see many views on anime and being an otaku. I personally don't think of myself as an Otaku, I find it refers to an introvert person who spends most of his or her days locked inside his room, who is also known to be creepy, and somewhat perverted sort of like Welcome to the NHK. Anyway this is a review to Otaku Unite!

A very fun view on the anime culture, we get to see how it all started with the all known Robotech, Speed Racer, Astro Boy and more. The uproar of Robotech and the treats that came with Carl Macek dubbing it. Although he took the opportunity to take an anime (Robotech) and make it his own to publicize the anime world so that more people would get interested in Japanese animation.  Fans also talk about the difficulty of how to find anime "back in the day". The first official american anime gathering was dated May 19th 1977. They're many arguments about being an Otaku, whether it's something to be proud of or something to be ashamed of.

This DVD is a great documentary about the anime/otaku world. The cover on the product is anything but appealing and I was skeptic whether to give it to a friend instead of keeping it, never mind watching it. Although I'm watching it for the 4th or 5th time today, I'm not implying it's THAT GOOD, but it's not too bad background noise, and don't judge the cover. I'm not too particular on the people that we follow in the documentary their very creepy and have some odd quirks to them. I love the fact that we get to meet voice actors, animators, directors, Con workers, etc.

All in all I'll give Otaku Unite! 3 stockings out of 5 very enjoyable

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