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Yumeria review


"This is one party you don't want to miss"

Retail price: 40.00$
My purchase: 9.99$
DVD Realise date: January 7th 2009
Program run time: 300 minutes
Genres: Harem, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance
Language watched in: English

Yumeria's story starts off with self proclaimed "average normal high school male, with lower than average grades" Tomokazu Mikuri is living with his eldest cousin Nanase. On his 16th birthday Tomokazu has a dream of a purple haired girl in provocative purple spandex  clothing, fighting a monster. He wakes up to find the girl asleep next to him in bed. Through some events Tomokazu forms a team of girls to fight in the dream world "Moera" against the monsters "Faydooms" who are trying to cross over into the "real world" to take over.

In Moera
From left to right:
Mone, a mysterious girl who can only say her own name (like chii).
Nanase aka Silk, Tomokazu's eldest cousin that he resides with, she's acts motherly but on some occasions tries to seduce her cousin.
Kuyou, Tomokazu's little cousin, who has a big brother complex.
Tomokazu, the main character of this story, who can "charge" the females in Moera with physical contact (which leads to perverted situations).
Mizuki, Tomokazu's classmate and later one love interest.
Neneko, Tomokazu's self proclaimed wife.

On Earth
Hmmm... what it makes me think of ....

The Faydoom remind me of the brigadoon monsters, although brigadoon's monsters are more complex. Also the fact that another world is trying to cross over onto the earth also reminds me of Brigadoon, although Brigadoon the two worlds are parallel and are in direct effect to each other. While Yumeria it's man's unwanted dreams.

A Harem of women, one man living with multiple females ... just... like ... Love Hina, Happy Lesson, Ah! My Goddess, Bravo Girls, etc ...

The way everyone is dressed in Moera reminds me of the Vandread outfits.

The whole "dream land" idea reminds me of After School Nightmare which the manga came out around the same time as the anime but after the video game. 

The ending ... it reminded me of Magikano and Clannad in some ways.

Did yah like it?

This anime lacked depth, the corners were cut everywhere in this anime, whether it was the characters, the plot, or the time management. The characters are bland, they all have attractions to the main character, which a perverted male. The plot is the unwanted dreams have transformed into faydoom who plot to cross over to the earth, Tomokazu and the assembled girls must defeat the faydoom to save us all. I don't know about you but, I'm pretty sure that people are still going forget memories and get rid of old thoughts. So isn't their quest kind of pointless? The fact the time wasn't managed wisely in  this anime is another turn off. I bet if they would have put more work in the actual plot line instead of the echii harem factor, it would have a wider fan base. What Yumeria tries to accomplish is try to cram an anime that should have been 26 episodes long into 13. I'm going to give this anime 2 stockings out of 5, it entertained me none the less.

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