Sunday, August 19, 2012

801 T.T.S.

Retail Price: 19.12$
Watched on: Justdubs
First Aired: May 1994
DVD release date: June 11th 2002
Program run time: 175 minutes
Genre: Air Force, Harem, Comedy, romance, aviation military, action,
Language watched in: English

If you are looking for an anime with consistency, well sir and or madame I've got good news there are more anime than just 801 T.T.S. Airbats, because this anime is a 7 episodes of jumble. 801 T.T.S. Airbats is an anime about a group of air force workers in the Japanese air defense force.  With your cast of pilots, mechanics, and higher ranks going on odd missions (which I'd prefer to call trips), they make sure to give you a few laughs.


Left to Right
Yoko, Miyuki, Takuya, Kouji, Mitsuru, and Arisa
Yoko: I have to admit because I've watched this series in English, I don't have many things to say besides, she was annoying.

Miyuki: An aspiring young female lead, hoping to become an official pilot. She has her eyes on our poor little Takuya, and is willing to make sure he's her's not matter what. Miyuki is head strong, and if anything does not go her way she plays the "Poor Miyuki Card". 

Takuya: A young flight mechanic and also our main character, he's into anime figurines, airplanes, and what any other pubescent boy is into girls! Takuya is a classic perverted character that is thrown into a love triangle between Miyuki and Arisa.

Arisa: Our second female lead (and my favourite), this bad-ass chick has a loud mouth, and isn't afraid to take a challenge. Arisa has better technique in the cockpit than Miyuki, but her wooing technique leave something to be desired.  

I'll cut it short for characters.

I like the fact Yoko's watching Airbats in the background.

Quick thought

All considering the age of this program (1994) it has extraordinary animation value, and it is quite entertaining. Although I'd like to point out it is a forgettable anime, it's not good enough for you to re-watch it or to reminisce about it later on. But it's also not bad enough to hate, for you to warn others not to watch it or remember in later years "Man Airbats sucked.". What I mean is it's average that's why I'll give it an average rating 2.5 stockings. 

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