Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The God of Conquest is a 17 year old student who has given up on the "real world". He has given his blood, sweat, and tears to the conquest of dating sims. There isn't a game or a virtual woman he is not able to conquer.

On one faithful day his knowledge is put into practice in the real world, in hopes to extract rogue souls that have entered girls/women hearts. He and Elsie work together (against their will) to capture 6000+ lost souls, in hopes to regain his freedom.

Instead of writing about the story which you can find on wiki or any anime site, I'll write about Katsuragi. Buying any and every game (dating sim) out there even multiple copies worth, after all "You can't have too many copies of a good game.". I personally agree with Katsuragi, I own 16 different HM games in total 19 due to doubles, these numbers don't include RF games if included it would increase my HM games from 19 to 22. I understand him and his love for virtual women, and the fact he wants to conquer all the maddens hearts.

Juggling multiple systems at once, is a great feat for any man or woman, the God of Conquest is the grand master of multiplaying.Personally the most I've been able to play at once was/is 3 games pc, ps3, and ds at once. Although for the dating sims genre I can only play one at a time, unlike Katsuragi. He makes me proud to be who I am.

The whole reason to watch this anime is to see the God of Conquest in his struggles to woo every woman, it shows that every woman can be conquered. Everyone's opinions will be different and none of us think the same. That is why I don't expect everyone to think so highly of Katsuragi, and I won't argue if you tell me his ego's huge.

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, or The World God Only Knows (TWGOK), was an above average anime. I was going to write a review after watching season 2. Although after doing so, I rejected the idea because the story derailed near the end. Because of the changes in the anime, I started to find watching the World God Only Knows was somewhat tedious. So instead of reviewing the anime, I decided to write about the protagonist Katsuragi. This decision was made because I did not want to discourage people from watching this anime, because it is note worthy.